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Bumper turnout for the Adult and Junior

Girls turning into golfers at the Adult and Junior

The Adult and Junior event at Frinton on Friday 4th July was special for many reasons. The weather was perfect, the courses were playing well and there was a bumper turnout.   One very noticeable part of the evening was the amount of girls playing. The Girls Golf on Par weekly lessons have been very successful at Frinton this year and to see the girls progressing to playing on the course was brilliant. Its very rare to have a club with so many young girl golfers and something the club and the Academy are very proud of.
The results from the night included Hadley and Adam Stringer winning the Havers competition with 27 points for 10 holes and the former secretary of the club Roger Attrill winning the Kirby course competition with his Grandson Oliver. Roger has been a Trustree of the Bursary which generously supports junior golf at Frinton from the start and it was great for him to be part of the successful evening. The other prize winners from the evening were Nevaeh and Steve Mitton, Max and Mick Leonardi, Patrick and Michael Dooley, Dan and Alan Barlow, Bee Easterbrook and  Tracey Taylor. Well done Everyone!!

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