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Private Lessons

If you’re looking to make fast progression, then private golf lessons are for you. Your dedicated PGA-professional will evaluate your current game, identify specific areas for improvement and use specific exercises and techniques to help you improve your skills.

Private golf lessons really are open to everyone. You might be an experienced club player with your eye on the club trophy, a regular player looking to reach club standard or a complete beginner looking to fast track your way to the golf course. Whatever your starting point and whatever your goals, private lessons are the quickest way to get there.

All Levels, Golf Training

All Levels

Golf Fast Progression Training

Fast Progression

Private Golf Lessons, Suffolk, Essex, Coastal Golf Academy

Lesson format & Booking

Coastal Golf Academy

Lessons are run from all of our main venues and are usually an hour long, although you can book longer sessions if needed.

We’ll use your aims and goals for each lesson to determine whether we head straight to the course or use the practice range/field, SkyTrak Studio, putting green, or chipping and pitching area.

Simply click on your chosen professional to book your lesson online.

Lesson Package Vouchers

Coastal Golf Academy

Looking for an ideal gift for your golfing loved or looking to improve your own game? Packages allows our Professionals to work at improving your loved ones golf or your own golf with the view to heightening the enjoyment of the game through playing better golf.
A tailored plan is created taking into account most importantly the aspiration and desires of the golfer.
Our packages are suitable for all levels of golfers and all areas of the game can be covered.

If you prefer, we also offer single 30 minute or 60 minute private lesson vouchers with any of our Professionals.

Package Vouchers Available

  • 1 x 30 minute lesson – £25.00
  • 1 x 60 minute lesson – £45.00
  • 6 x 30 minute lessons – £125.00 (saving £25.00)
  • 6 x 60 minute Lessons – £225.00 (Saving £45.00)

Simply click on your chosen Professional’s links below to purchase your lesson package. You will be sent a lesson voucher through the post.
Lessons can be booked by contacting the Professional directly or online via our website using the unique code(s) included in the emailed digital voucher.

Scott Rusbridge – Colne Valley Golf Club
1 x 30 mins1 x 60 mins
6 x 30 mins / 6 x 60 mins
Tom Hide – Frinton Golf Club
1 x 30 mins / 1 x 60 mins
6 x 30 mins / 6 x 60 mins
Sarah Hawes – Frinton Golf Club
1 x 30 mins / 1 x 60 mins
6 x 30 mins / 6 x 60 mins
Steve Loran – Colne Valley Golf Club
1 x 30 mins / 1 x 60 mins
6 x 30 mins / 6 x 60 mins
Joe Bushell – Frinton Golf Club
1 x 30 mins / 1 x 60 mins
6 x 30 mins / 6 x 60 mins


Coastal Golf Academy

Prices for:

  • Scott Rusbridge
  • Tom Hide
  • Steve Loran
  • Sarah Hawes

Adult Prices

  • £25.00 30 mins
  • £45.00 60 mins

Junior Prices (Under 16)

  • £20.00 30 mins
  • £35.00 60 mins

Prices for:

  • Joe Bushell

Adult Prices

  • £22.50 30 mins
  • £40.00 60 mins

Junior Prices (Under 16)

  • £17.50 30 mins
  • £30.00 60 mins

‘down the line’ video angle

‘face on’ video angle

Online Lessons

Coastal Golf Academy

If you are not able to visit one of our 4 venues for a lesson, we also offer an online lesson option. An online lesson is great if you have a ball flight issue that you would like to fix through some simple swing advice and or a certain shot such as a bunker shot that you would like to improve.

All you need to do is follow the simple steps below to receive your online lesson
1) Click on the link below to purchase the online lesson
2) Print and complete the information form attached in the confirmation email you will receive after purchasing the lesson to help us diagnose your faults correctly and understand what it is you want to improve.
3) Email 2 videos of your swing, one from down the line and one face on. (please see pictures opposite to understand the correct video angles needed) Also send us your completed information sheet.
4) Once we receive the videos and information sheet one of the Professionals will send back a comprehensive report with a short video showing the faults and fixes including drills to the give the desired improvements.

Private lessons available at

Coastal Golf Academy

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