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Coastal Golf Store

Find everything you need for the perfect game at the Coastal Golf Store
at Colne Valley and Frinton Golf Courses.

Whether you’re a beginner looking for your first set of clubs, or an experienced golfer looking for golf accessories or the ideal ball for your game, you need high-quality products and expert advice.

The Coastal Golf Store is run by our team of golf coaches, so you’ll know you’ll be getting advice from the professionals who already know your skills and your needs.

Covid-19 Update

Our Golf Retail Stores at both Frinton & Colne Valley must remain closed for the time being. Government guidelines allow us to still provide a retail service to our customers through our online Store. 
Please visit our online store to make your purchase, you then have some options to receive your goods. At checkout please choose from the following:
1) Select pick up from store and select your venue, please put in the notes section when you will be at the club and will make sure someone is a the club to pass on your goods.
2) Select pick up from store and select your venue, please put in the notes section that you would like home delivery.
3) If your purchase is over £50.00 you will automatically get your products delivered to your home address.

Book our Inflatable Golf Net

Coastal Golf Academy

During this time when many of us are stuck at home, we would like to offer our golfers the opportunity to hire our inflatable golf net (includes hitting mats), to spend a day at home practicing your golf. You can hire the net for a minimum of 1 day from 9:00am – 5:00pm at a cost of £50.00.
We will deliver and pick up the net from your home address (Leaving outside your property) and send a simple video with how to put the net up and pack away. All you need is to be able to power the net through a normal 240v plug.

Terms and Conditions
1) CGA accepts no liability to any damage caused to property or person during the hiring of the net.
2) Any damage to the net outside of normal use will be charged to the person hiring.

SkyTrak Indoor Golf Studio

Coastal Golf Academy

Both of our Stores can offer state of the art indoor Swing rooms with the use of the SkyTrak launch monitors. The Studios are ideal for teaching, custom fitting, gapping sessions as well as an alternative to practicing at a driving range.
The technology gives a very accurate projected ball flight as well as valuable shot data including landing distance, total distance, ball spin, and launch angle etc, which is crucial for custom fitting as well as teaching, To find out more and to book an studio appointment please click here
What is a Gapping Session?
You work through hitting all of your clubs which are all recorded. You will be given a report at the end of the session (Email and printed) with all of your shot data including landing and predicted finishing distance.
What is a Practice Session?
Rather than freeze at a cold Driving Range, book a 30 minute studio practice session where you have full use of the SkyTrak software practice tools which include setting a green to aim at and practice your driving onto a fairway. You will be assisted by one of our staff to help you use the Skytrak software.

Coastal Golf Store

Your favourite brands

Coastal Golf Store

We stock all major golf brands for clubs, shoes, clothing and accessories including:

  • Titleist – approved fitters
  • PING – approved fitters
  • Wilson Staff – approved fitters
  • Mizuno – approved fitters
  • Lynx – approved fitters
  • FootJoy
  • Srixon
  • Glenmuir
  • US Kids

Custom fitting

Coastal Golf Store

Buying a set of golf clubs is an investment. You’ll use them for years to come and you have to make sure that they are right for you and that they’ll help you grow as your game progresses.

With our custom-fit service, we tailor your clubs to you, providing different options for:

  • Head type
  • Set
  • Make up
  • Club length
  • Lie
  • Loft
  • Shaft type
  • Shaft flex
  • Shaft length
  • Grip type
  • Grip size

We’ll analyse your game during your coaching sessions, but we’ll also make use of our Sky Trak swing studio to study your individual style and take in to account your spin rate, launch angle and distance so that we can be sure to make the correct recommendations.

Coastal Golf Store
Coastal Golf Store
Coastal Golf Store - In Store

Opening Hours

Coastal Golf Store

Coastal Golf Stores are run from Colne Valley and Frinton Golf Courses, they are open from Monday to Sunday within the following seasonal schedule.

Colne Valley opening hours

  • March – September: 08:00 – 17:00
  • October – February: 08:00 – 15:00

Frinton opening hours

  • March – May: 08:30 – 16:00
  • June – August: 08:00 – 18:00
  • September – October: 08:30 – 16:00
  • November – February: 08:30 – 12:00

For more information, please call 01255 671618 for the Frinton store or 01787 220770 for the Colne Valley store.

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Coastal Golf Store

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